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From Full-Length Pants to G-Strings:

I don't remember but, based on pictures of me, I played in my yard wearing nothing but shorts until around age 5. But for years after that, it was fully clothed unless we went to the swimming pool. For some reason, the way my mother and grandmother said "you look so cool", I didn't want to wear shorts. I'm sure they meant "the hot weather is not making you uncomfortable", but it just didn't come out that way.
I've been interested in wearing minimal swimsuits as far back as college in the mid-1970s. I remember seeing a story on television about a swimsuit for men that exposed the buttocks. A few weeks later, I looked out my dorm window to a volleyball court at a frat house. One guy was wearing one of the suits. I remember thinking, "I'd like to wear one of those."
Ray Stevens' song, "The Streak" was popular during that time, and there was quite a bit of "streaking" on campus - no, not by me. The streaking inspired me to start sleeping in the nude. However, I was caught in "the trap" because I didn't have "the body" for the small suits.
I was in my mid-20s in the late 70s when men's brief swimwear was popular. I bought a pair, but wore them only a few times when I was alone at a lake. I remember one Saturday morning the woman who worked for the cleaning contractor stopped and talked with me for several minutes and told me that I looked good in the suit. That was the first time my confidence had been built.
In my mid-30s, I finally started wearing shorts. But "Catch 22" - I didn't get a tan because I never wanted to go to the beach, because I didn't have a tan. I started going to tanning salons about twice a month beginning around 1990. That helped a little with a tan.
In mid-1998, now in my mid-40s, I decided it was "now or never" and I decided to "do it right". In the spring, I was working in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. I got a bikini and wore it at nearby DeGray Lake. I planned a trip to a clothing optional (CO) park, Hippie Hollow at Austin, Texas that summer. In late spring 1999, I visited my second CO park, Haulover Beach at Miami, Florida. When I finally got a tan, it was all over!
In 2000, I changed jobs and was closer to Texarkana. I wore my g-string at North Shore on Lake Wright Patman, mostly because it helped me keep very close to the all over tan. One of the rangers, responding to a complaint, told me my suit was perfectly legal. He also told me about Spillway Park where, he said, "No one will mind if I wear a g-string there". So, I switched to that area. I also got a tan-through bikini that I wore when I went to DeGray Lake on weekends.
In 2001, it was a tiny bikini when I was at DeGray. In late summer 2002, it was a small thong on the main beach at Texarkana. In late 2002, it was a Speedo thong at DeGray.
My work took me back to Arkadelphia, and I switched to a smaller thong. During the winter months, hardly anyone used the beach, so I wore a g-string unless someone came out, then I'd switch to the thong. A couple times, I did not see arrival, and the people saw me wearing my g-string and didn't have a problem with it. I asked the rangers about the g-string and they said "OK". From then on, it was a g-string at Arkadelphia!

Becoming a Nudist

I've slept nude since the mid-1970s when I was in college. But I had never made the "jump" to daytime nudity.
In the late 1990s, I attended a conference in Austin, Texas and made a couple trips to Hippie Hollow on Lake Travis. That hooked me on wearing no swimsuit. And a trip to Miami and Haulover Beach a year later confirmed me as a nudist!
I started working away from the lakes in the latter 2000s. I built a privacy fence around my backyard, put in a pool and hot tub, and now I spend most of my time there. The swimsuit stays inside the house unless I'm expecting visitors with kids, then I put on a low-rise bikini.

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