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Access Point 1A at BeachTown on East Beach - Galveston TX

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My preferred beach in Galveston is labeled "Access Point 1A". I go there because no one seems to care that I wear only a g-string swimsuit. I usually see other people there wearing minimal swimwear. Historically, I believe it was Galveston' first "gay beach", but it is now used by the general public.

Directions to "Access Point 1A"

  • Follow "Seawall Blvd" straight past the left turn onto "Ferry Road".
  • Shortly after passing "Ferry Road", turn right onto "East Beach Drive".
  • Continue past the undeveloped area, three condos, a development with a divided street, and a few more condos.
  • "Access Point 1A" is on the right.

Pictures I Took in 2012

Galveston East Beach
Galveston East Beach

My "East Beach" Reference Points

For the purposes of this web page, "East Beach" begins at the eastern boundary of "Stewart Beach", which is accessed from "Seawall Blvd". Here is my list of the areas, from west to east:
Pre-Condo Area
Undeveloped area
Condo area
Islander East, Palisade Palms, Galvestonian.
There are two undeveloped areas between the three condos, which may or may not be preserved areas.
Beachtown "Village One"
Driving along "East Beach Drive", there have been signs on the north side with direction arrows. The arrows are missing and there are structures on both sides of the street.
Access Point 1A
There are undeveloped areas on both sides of this area, which may or may not be preservation areas.
This is my preferred beach at Galveston.
Restrooms - almost a joke, the closest are the portable toilets on the western side of Apffel Park.
Beachtown "Village Two"
More of the Beachtown development.
Free parking lot
Barely noticeable, it's just before entering the western pay gate at Apffel Park.
Apffel Park
"Party Beach" - liquor is allowed
This is a huge paid area with two gates, one on the west side close to some portable toilets and one on the east side near the pavillion.
OK, this is really part of Apffel Park, but it's the little rock formation that leads a few hundred feet into the bay/gulf and is essentially the most south-eastern point of Galveston.

Directions to "East Beach" Reference Points

  • Shortly after Ferry Road splits from Seawall Blvd, turn right onto East Beach Drive and drive past all the reference points listed above.
  • If you travel along Seawall Blvd just a bit past East Beach Drive, the next right is Apffel Park Road. It bypasses the "Pre-Condo Area" named above.
    • You'll reach a short pair of connector streets to East Beach Drive right at Islander East, and from there you can get onto "East Beach Drive".
    • If you continue on Appfell Park Road, you bypass the "condo area", Beachtown "Village One" and "Access Point 1A". You will drive past the eastern edge of "Village Two" before reaching the small free parking lot beach access and the western paid parking area of Apffel Park.
  • If you continue on "Seawall Blvd" without turning onto either "East Beach Drive" or "Apffel Park Road", you will come tthen turn right to get to the eastern paid parking lot at Apffel Park, and very close to the pavillion. This is probably the most common route taken to "party beach".

Addresses, Geo Coordinates and Maps

  • The entrance to the parking lot at "Access Point 1A" is at: 29.321418,-94.748003
  • Google Maps,-94.748003&t=h&z=17
  • Google Map, with my markers
  • Google Earth File, with my markers
  • The address of the Beachtown sales office is "1698 East Beach Drive, Galveston TX". This office is about 1000 feet from "Access Point 1A".
  • The last street of the development is "Positano Ln". It's about 300 more feet to "Access Point 1A".

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