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Hippie Hollow - Austin TX

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Geo Position

GPS for the Admission Gate at the Parking Lot, approximately:
7000 Comanche Trail, Austin TX,-97.886254&t=h&z=17

Official Website

Travis County Parks
Unofficial Notes:
  • Keep your genitals covered in the parking lot. "Typical" is a pair of shorts, maybe with a T-shirt. Some people wearing nothing but a bikini bottom, or just a long T-shirt.
  • You can get naked as soon as you start downhill past the tree line. These places are marked on the "Maps with Markers", above.
  • The paved service road is great and leads past two restrooms. You'll probably want sneakers or boots to go up and down the rocks!
  • Don't expect sand that you would find at a seaside or lakeside beach. Keep shoes on.
  • The path in the woods (marked in green on the "Maps with Markers") is a wonderful walk, despite having the potential to be a bit "creepy". Stay on the marked paths so as to not endanger the endangered species that no one has seen in years.
  • No animals. I don't want to step on it and neither does anyone else!
  • No glass. Be nice and dispose of old bottle caps, glass, etc. that you find in the park.
  • The county's official policy is "Public display of consumption of alcohol is prohibited", which translates to "keep your beer can in a cozy".
  • Nude is not lewd. Lewd is lewd and you will get arrested and you will go to jail.

My First Time

Hippie Hollow was the location of my first time nude at a public place. I was to be in Austin for a convention in 1998 and found out about HH, so I went a couple days early and checked out the place. I loved it. I remember arriving at the parking lot and as soon as I got out of my car, I saw a couple pulling off their shirt and blouse and leaving them in the car, so I took off my shirt and left it in the car. Then I walked down the service road and met some people walking or jogging, nude, so I decided "now is the time" and I pulled off my shorts and didn't put them back on until I was ready to leave!

Pictures I Took in 2006

Hippie Hollow
Hippie Hollow

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