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McFaddin Beach, Bolivar Peninsula, Texas

This information is based strictly on internet research (see the "References" section, below). I do NOT know if it is accurate! I have NEVER been to this beach. I want to go if I can find someone with a four-wheel drive vehicle who will take me when I am visiting the Galveston area.

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Here is my understanding of the directions to get to the beach.

Step 1 - Get to "Road Closed"

  • From Galveston: Take the 13-minute ferry ride across Galveston Bay to the Bolivar Peninsula. After exiting the ferry, continue on TX 87 for 27.3 miles to the point where the road turns left (north) and becomes TX 124 leading toward High Island. The "Road Closed" is at the turn.
  • From Houston TX, Beaumont TX or LA: Take I-10 to Winnie, TX. Then take TX 124 South. Continue southerly to the Gulf where the road turns right (west) and becomes TX 87 leading toward Galveston. The "Road Closed" is on the left at this turn.

Step 2 - "Road Closed" Sign and/or Barricade

  • The "Road Closed" sign is at these coordinates:
    29.54966N 94.388357W
    Google Map
  • Still in Galveston County.
  • Ignore the sign and proceed northeastward along the washed-out road.

Step 3 - Drive Far Enough!

  • Most everything I've read indicates you need a 4-wheel-drive vehicle for the trip.
  • Evidently you have about 1 mile of pavement, a couple miles of make-shift road along a fence, then pavement returns for at least another mile.
  • Along the route, you enter and leave Chambers County (no markers, long ago washed away).
  • At 4.26 miles past the "Road Closed" sign, you should be at these coordinates in Jefferson County:
    29.573681N 94.323506W
    Google Map
  • Once again, no markers (long ago washed away) to let you know you are in Jefferson County.
  • Then, a little past a large bush near the water is the place where nude use begins.
  • Evidently, Jefferson County law enforcement agencies seldom make the long out-of-the-way trips required to patrol this area of the beach. Thus, this is the beginning of the unofficial "nude beach".

Step 4 - Be on the Lookout

  • Nudity is not legal here.
  • So, cover up whenever a vehicle approaches.


Has anyone pursued the posting of sings similar to the one at Hippie Hollow? The sign says "Nude swimming or sunbathing may be occurring beyond this point". That sign should remove the "reckless" portion of a criminal offense from Texas Penal Code Title 9, "§21.08. Indecent exposure."

YouTube video showing place to turn off TX 87

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